Tuesday, 27 August 2013

I've got a basic tech demo\pre-alpha release I'm making available for anyone who wants to see current development progress. I hasn't been thoroughly tested or polished even as a tech demo so be warned! Let me know if you have any issues running it or any initial feedback you might have.

There is a massive list of changes\fixes and polish I already have in my head but unless I'm getting overwhelmed with feedback I would be happy to hear what stood out the most (a bug, polish or best feature so far)

Here are the most standout issues I know:
- No Sound
- GUI Clarity not even close to finalized
- Turn optimization (sometimes will lock during turn processing)
- Everything AI related
- Balancing in any way
- No ship designing
- Etc...

I decided just to go completely public for now because I don't expect too much interest immediately and I couldn't be bother working out who will test and provide useful feedback

Download (Includes Patch now, only need the patch if you downloaded the "Project.zip")

Patch is up for anyone who noticed they couldn't change resolution or the market tabs didn't select:
GUI Patch (Extract into the same directory)

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