Current Development Status:

  • Basic working AI
  • Jump movement and pathfinding
  • Planet based mining and production
  • AI Corp trading, both on planets and trade ships moving between planets
  • Ship\Item production
  • Saving\loading games
  • Planetary ship productions
  • Colonization of new planets, population growth and consumption of resources
  • Basic Main Menu

Here is a few of the immediate next steps i hope to implement, there is still plenty more after this too but its a start:

  • Ship design screens and management
  • AI control of new ship designs 
  • Research and development
  • Victory Conditions
  • Diplomacy 
  • Orbital\Stellar Shipyards (cheaper ship production but vulnerable)
  • Sounds
  • Music


  1. When will this game become CLOSE to being playable?

  2. That's something I keep asking myself too. Realistically I should be able to say it should be in a playable state sometime this year, of course it still depends on what you call playable.

    I hope to have the AI relationship code started and functioning within the next month, so AI will declare war\peace and alliances when appropriate. Once this is in it could be classed as playable (pre-alpha i'd still say) but with this you should be able to start a game fight\expand, build, conquer and form alliances until you reach a victory condition (or the AI does).