Q: How many people are developing this?
A: Currently everything is been done by myself, modelling, texturing, programming, etc. I enjoy doing this myself though if I get further and there is more interest I would consider other options. 

Q: What are you using to create this game?
A: I'm doing the programming in BlitzMAX with Irrlicht as the graphics engine.

Q: How long until this is a playable game?
A: No idea honestly, I'm working on this in my spare time outside of my full-time job, other hobbies and time with my wife. Though for reference I've probably only been seriously working on this for just over a year, I think I've managed to get a lot done considering that :)

Q: Do you plan to release the game commercially?
A: Basically yes... I don't expect much but would love to be able to sell it and perhaps get to work on it more.

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