Thursday, 22 August 2013

Here is a first pass of the new freighter mesh I've been working on. It has a texture mapped but I still need to make the texture. I was doing the freighter mesh now so ingame you can visually see if a freighter is empty, under half full or full according to how many containers it has, this will be scalable so larger freighters carry more containers and it will only have containers for the percent of how full it is.

I also thought I will do this now so I can release it as a tech demo when I want. Before it was a mesh from EVE Online and I don't know if anyone would care but technically might get in trouble for that and I needed the mesh eventually anyway.

This is a render from my graphics test program (includes basic effects as they would work in-game and shaders currently implemented)

Here's it with basic cargo containers shown in 3dsMax:

Its only first past mesh and haven't started on the texture yet but happy to hear any initial feedback if you have any?



  1. Well I'm no expert on meshes but I do like the design - propulsion unit + cargo modules seems quite plausible and look quite good.

    Only comment: Maybe the engines should be a bit "gruntier"

  2. Yeah I think you might be right about the engines might need to look a bit gruntier. When I do another pass on the mesh I'll see the best way to make the larger.