Sunday, 19 May 2013

Hi All,

I'm finally able to get back to some more programming now that work had returned to normal, no more working all week and weekends :).

Most recently I've been looking at what I can do with the GUI as I was test playing through I realized I need notifications on when ships and things are finished. So I added them as a notification that drops down on the left like the other ones I have. Then I was thinking about expanding the functionality and hopefully make it look nicer too by if the ship that was finished it on screen now it will also show a direct overlay on the screen too not just list it in the expanded button on the left.

Here is a quick example, still playing with positioning and i'm debugging the GUI Exclusion zones as the extra boxes you see drawn below. I'm going to randomize the spacing a bit more and spread the overlays around just a bit more too. the overlay item will also be a button to allow you to select the ship too.

I've added some animation for when the overlays appear which looks kinda cool and might do up a YouTube video of gameplay soon or if there is anything specific people would like to see.

Anyway just been doing some refining of some game options and also managed to workout how to get BlitzMax to rebuild modules now which allows me to change the Irrlicht wrapper with any improvements I want. I wish I bothered to get this working early there are so many easy additions that i wanted to do by just didn't have MinGW installed or setup correctly. hopefully this will make things just a tiny bit easier for me now :)