Monday, 21 July 2014

Hi all, I had been holding off from a blog hoping to have a new demo release to go with it but time seems to be dragging on and I keep working on other things but not always fixing the base playability or stability just yet... oh well.

Overall I've added quite a bit since my last blog, including but not limited to: Missiles, post processing effects, turrets, sound effects, started research mechanics, module sizing, mixed planet population races, ship crew race, planet habitability (temp, gravity, atmosphere, etc)... so I've haven't been idle with it. I did quite a few fixes and performance increases too, though probably added a few things that need fixing in the mix there too :)

Here is a quick example of the post processing effect, this hasn't been tweaked at all for stars it looks way better but a bit strong on the ships a planets probably but cool to know what can happen at least

Here is what it looked like without:

Below is what some of the combat can look like now, certainly a lot better than what I start, might do a video later, as it looks better in motion:

And here is another example of missiles but also showing what I hope to do with research, though a lot prettier GUI of course! Basically you choose individual stats to research but each level has diminishing returns but is infinite though going too far wouldn't be worth it. Technically this way can't run out of things to research, also other stats for the same module still get a diminished return so you don't just automatically choose the first 5 level for each stat until it isn't worth the effort anymore you have to choose whats most useful and go for that first.

Each stat can have a different return so if damage would usually be the best thing to research you can decrease the value of research to make it more of a choice between other stats, Also you wouldn't have all stats available for research with each module but just the most useful ones for that module type, this is all just specified in the techs themselves (I don't want to have 10 choices and really you'd only even pick 3-4 of them)

This is still early stages, but to progress in the the tree itself for new module types, you can have prereqs and what level that prereq must be on, i.e. totally made up but say you want to the 'super mega blaster' you need to research 'mega blaster' MK X first (9 levels of any mega blaster stat) and also could have another prerequisite of "weapon theory" lvl 5 as well. After you have the Super mega blaster you can still continue to research 'mega blaster' if it is still in use and you want to improve it more.

This is all subject to change and testing\balancing of course but is what i'd like in it, would be great to add some tech randomization too but need to do it properly if at all so not planning that feature yet. I'd be happy to explain any more details I may have left out if anyone has questions?



  1. Argh!! Stupid computer ate my long post... >:(

    Short version: So will researching higher levels cost less (or at least no more) than the previous level, so as to counter-balance the "diminishing returns" factor? I wasn't entirely clear on that from reading the blog.

    The combat screen looks pretty good. Of course, I'm easily pleased. :P

  2. Ah always the case with long comment posts...

    It will cost the same research time each level, like you mention to counter the diminishing returns. Overall I actually plan all research to take awhile (min 10 turns perhaps) but you will be encouraged to run simultaneous research as you can focus multiple research centres on one tech but similarly you will have diminishing returns for each extra centre contributing to the research.

    I.E. so you can hurry a tech along if you really need at a cost of decreased efficiency, or to get the most out of your research each centre will be researching it's own project. I will need to balance this once in effect make sure it's not to much micro managing (one thing is to make the techs take awhile so you aren't switching techs every second turn,etc)

    A side benefit to this I also see is you will now more likely finish a few new techs around the same time, so when it's time to design a new ship you hopefully won't be thinking "should I wait for the next tech or create a design now..." as often, because basically they should be completing in batches or close to it anyway.

  3. Nice! I do like the sound of that. :)