Saturday, 14 December 2013


I've still been spending a decent amount of time continuing the game. Lately I've been working on ship and module damage and starting work on the effects associated with it (added turrets while I was at it!). I'm got a short clip showing the early test of taking damage and the effects applied to the ships (super early version, very basic explosions for now)  

Still have a bug that I am still trying to find the cause that you might notice near the end of that. Otherwise I'm slowly getting the details in that I've been planning. Still have the basic shaders and effect for the ships but this is just for testing, it's still a 4X game and you never zoom in that close to the ships.

I plan to work a bit more on the ship design screen and interior views then add another ship size with equivalent weapons for it then should be able to release another public test to get some feedback!

Any feedback or queries welcome :)


  1. Amazing details for a 4x game. Keep at it, it looks amazing. :)

  2. Thanks, sometimes I keep wondering if i'm trying to put to much details in or something but I like the little details especially when the actually effect the game and chances of things happening so I'm happy I've got this much done so far :)

  3. Okay, I'm not a huge graphics whore, but I have to admit that's damn cool. :)

  4. Thanks mate :)

    Iit's kinda a detail I wasn't originally going to go into but I do love little details for combat and get a little annoyed with games that don't even try to add even basic detail for combat. I've actually got more effects, smoke and sparks now that looks cooler :) Probably do another video soon to show the new changes

    Just tidying the changes and making sure it's robust, then focus back on the ship design functions and main gameplay.